Being genuine, being you, that’s where the magic happens

Yo, Roadmap 3.0 fam! Just gotta drop some good vibes here and shout out a massive THANK YOU to this incredible tribe!

🌟 Been on this spiritual entrepreneur grind for two years, focusing on what hits home for me – suicide prevention in the army. Yep, that’s my day job, serving and saving lives. Every week, twice a week, I’ve been running these seminars, pouring my heart into helping souls one-on-one. But, real talk, the struggle was real when it came to balancing my passion with the need to make a living.

Then, bam! Four days post diving into this course, not even halfway through (talking 16%, folks), and I made a sale. 🚀 That moment? Pure magic. It’s like finding the key to support my mission while keeping true to my core – giving those free suicide prevention seminars. My heart’s overflowing with gratitude, for real. 🙏🏾

Now, let me hit you with a golden nugget: Branding ain’t just fluff; it’s your story, your struggles, your triumphs. Before Roadmap 3.0, I had a small crew of followers who’ve been riding with me through thick and thin. And guess what?

When I started putting out what I’ve learned here, they were all in, not just for the course, but ’cause they believe in me, in my authenticity. That’s the real deal – being genuine, being you, that’s where the magic of sales happens.

So here’s to leading with authenticity, to building a brand that resonates and inspires. Keep it real, stay true to your vision, and trust me, the universe will back you up. Much love and gratitude to each and every one of you making this journey with me. We got this, fam! 🦄✊🏾

K. M Smith

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