Blood, sweat, tears. $116,00 in student loan debt

7 years.

3 degrees (marketing and management, interdisciplinary studies, community development)

One…a master’s degree.

Blood, sweat, tears.

$116,000 of student loan debt

….and I have learned more in the last 3 weeks (since I bought the Roadmap 3.0) than I EVER did earning those degrees.

The amount of knowledge I have acquired, the depth of learning unmatched, the multitude of light bulb moments…oh, and let’s not forget…how it is all FINALLY clicking together!!!

The back-end, behind-the-scenes tasks have caused me to give up so many times due to frustrations and not understanding all the finite details to make it all mesh and run smoothly.

Hannah and Zach….Thank you…with every fiber in me….THANK YOU!!!

H. Schulman

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