This course has been a game-changer for me

After feeling completely burnt out in my 9-5 job and juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and another business, I was desperately searching for a way out. That’s when I stumbled upon the infamous $7 challenge, which sparked excitement about the possibilities but left me hesitant due to the hefty $2500 upsell.

Luckily, I discovered The Roadmap Course with MRR at a much more affordable price. This course has been a game-changer for me in pursuing my dream of starting a coaching/consultant business. The insights on business development, marketing, and automation are not only comprehensive but also presented in a way that makes the learning process enjoyable.

I now feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to kick-start my own venture. The Roadmap Course has truly been the catalyst for transforming my ambitions into a tangible and achievable plan. Grateful for this opportunity.

R. Smith Johnson

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